Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When the Spray Paint Gods Hate You

Oh so many titles come to mind for this post, like “When a 3 dollar shelf isn’t worth it”, or a few that will remain unspoken because, well, my mom might read this.

Moving on.

I found this cute shelf, which I might add was going to be perfect for my bathroom, at goodwill for $3.


Technically this isn’t the original original picture of the shelf in all its Old. Honey Colored. Faux. Wood. goodness (because I forget to take pictures remember) but you get the idea.

I brought it home, and because I HATE sanding (just the feeling bothers me) I decided to spray paint it black. I mean spray paint fixes everything…… right? Wrong. This should have been my first clue

IMG_1947sigSee those spots on the left side? Yep, as I sprayed the paint seemed to pull away and leave little circles, like MAGIC (and because this is the internet and you can’t see the sarcasm on my face when I say MAGIC, I’ll just go ahead and tell you It’s there!!)

I was a little discouraged at this point so I put the shelf back in the “to do” pile for awhile.

I decided I would drag it out today and sand (UGH) it down a little to give the paint something to cling to. After all, it’s been sitting in the “to do” pile so by now things are surely going to go smooth.

So I sanded (UGH) and noticed some white along the edges. BING. The light went on and I thought “Hmm maybe I should paint it a cream color first, then black and distress it”.

IMG_1950sigI think someone was trying to warn me not to do it because my cream spray paint was clogged and wouldn’t spray. I should have listened. I didn’t.

IMG_1958sigIsn’t that beautiful! (the sarcasm again)

IMG_1952sigYep, that’s where I scratched some off with my fingernail.

IMG_1953sig    IMG_1955sig

IMG_1956sig IMG_1957sig

This NOT the kind of distressed I meant!!!

Grrrrr. The moral of the story… listen when your paint can clogs, it’s telling you something……… or don’t paint over glossy paint, or sand and prep more, your choice.

I’m linking this sadly up to TDC before and after party beforeAndAfterButton and Between Naps on the Porch Met Monday.MM

There was suppose to be a much better after, but maybe after a little while longer in the “to do” pile it will be better. At least I will have stopped yelling :)

Stop back by soon to see what happens at 3am when you can’t sleep….. with craft paint!


Carmen said...

Oh my! The same thing happened to me with 2 shelves I bought at Salvation Army. They are still sitting down in the basement with the bubbled, crinkled paint on them (also with a fingernail scratch). I gave up! Someday I might decide to sand them but for Funny thing is, one shelf I did turned out perfectly and now hangs in my kitchen.

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Isn’t it frustrating? I still have it sitting out because “I’m going to fix it” but every time I walk past it I just think “Grrrr”.

Mama Peck said...

I haven't had a lot of experience with spray paint, but, I wonder if a primer would help something like this?

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Yeah, I think when I attempt this shelf again (if I get past sanding) I'm going to use a totally different paint that works for cabinets and such.

Lisa @ akawest said...

I have had the exact same paint problems. Oh, yes I have!

Linda said...

Soooo sorry...spray paint can be a headache! Hope you have a FUN weekend! have a new's ME!!!!!