Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Victoria Secret Sale

Sometimes there are sales just worth mentioning.

I’m usually not what you would call a Victoria Secret groupie, the stuff is ok but I find their bras uncomfortable and most stuff overpriced. I did however receive a VS card as a gift… so I headed to the mall, why not right.

I noticed a gentleman holding the tell tale pink bag but the front said:

IMG_1933sigI love sales, and a sale makes a gift card even better.

The store was packed, I mean like thanks for the breath mint PACKED. Then, through the bodies I could see why………… 75% off. I love me some 50% off but 75%! Now you’re talkin.

Oh yeah they had some 3 for something or 6 for something else business going on but who really has time for that with a 75% off sign staring you down. Not me my friend, not me. Plus, you know it’s a good sale when you have people trying to grab out of the pile you’ve created. You know the uncomfortable “oh that’s mine” as they look at you with a naughty word in their eyes and all along you’re just giddy with excitement because you found it first.

Now this next picture, memorize it, study it, GET IT.

IMG_1934sigI picked one of these babies up. I was a tad iffy about it because I didn’t quite understand how it worked so here goes. This beauty cost me $29 (normally $39 and I had $10 off). Inside you will find 10 spray trial size VS fragrances (great size for travel) along with a voucher for a full size of whichever of the 10 fragrances you like, plus $10 off $35 purchase.

I did have one problem with this set though, only on the back of the voucher on the inside (which you can’t see till you open it) and no where on the box did it say a fragrance “up to $39”. Everywhere on the box it simply says “full size”. I simply spoke to a manager in the store, because the fragrance I wanted was $49 not $39 and since it said it nowhere on the outside of the box they gave me the fragrance I wanted. I say it never hurts to ask.

So all said and done I paid $29 and got a full size $49 fragrance, $10 off a purchase, and 10 perfect for travel fragrances. Not bad I say.

Oh, and they have some soothing hand cream for 75% off, (which makes it $2) that made my hands feel so soft. You should pick some up… at another store because well     uhmmm

That's my pile!