Monday, January 4, 2010

My Lovely Boxes

I received a few requests asking about the boxes I had talked about here.

IMG_1927sigI purchased these boxes from IKEA about a year ago on sale. They ended up costing me $2 a box for the big ones and $1 for the smaller. Needless to say for that price I bought A LOT of them. Why not! Two boxes not put together take up all of oh, 5 inches.

IMG_1938sigSee all those extras just waiting to be put together. I told you I bought a lot. Oh how I love uniformity. I mean how perfect is that, they stack two high in my closet with just enough on top to put the extra ones. L.O.V.E.

Yes, cute labels are on my “to do” list btw.

This is my husbands side of the closet, again, notice how they fill the space so perfectly and how 4 of the smaller boxes are the same height as 2 larger. I know, it’s rather sad how giddy this makes me.

Oh and don’t you love his labeling system? Masking Tape! It still counts as cute though, just because it says “Old love letters”.


The smaller ones work PERFECT for acrylic paint, craft storage, photos, holiday ornaments, you name it!

IMG_1959sig Plus, I can stack my boxes more than 2 high without feeling like the wrong look could leave me under the rubble like these

storage-main_FullHope that helps answer your questions. Happy Organizing.