Thursday, May 19, 2011

Porch Hanger

Can you ever have too many places to hang cute signs or decorative items?

I think not!

Though I’m pretty sure there are some (even in this very same house for shame) who would disagree. I guess we all can’t be sane logical people…

This was my DIY solution to the problem, a beautiful porch hanger for all my seasonal signs/decor or anything else I want to use it for

IMG_3108sig IMG_3107sig

I am loving building things lately, it makes me feel very handy-girlish.

I’ll have a tutorial up soon for this so check back and let me know what you think.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Battle Of The Ages

Over an office……

Maybe it’s more the battle of maturity, either way this war is driving me nuts!

I wouldn’t call myself a decorator by any means, nor will I be applying for the Pottery Barn staging team anytime soon, but I do enjoy decorating and I LOVE flipping through inspiration pictures.

Inspiration pictures is what got me into this problem!

Sense and “maturity” tells me I should decorate my office something like this. 48efa613b652 1edfea838b38 4cca5be012ac 8e7d7a9d2d51 8430e8ea5b76

Yes, very mature…very upscale. Whoo Whoo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every one of these inspiration pictures but when it comes right down to it, I want to slap this all over the room. bedding fabrics


Or make it look something like this

enchantedenfant.blogspot eloise-store-page-02


Well minus the pepto pink walls, because well, even I have a pink limit.

So you see the battle I’m in, I’m just not sure how to call truths and satisfy both sides. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pottery Barn Wood Clock

You know, any company that can make an unmade bed look good is A-OK in my book and Pottery Barn seems to do just that. I get pretty excited when I see that PB catalog or “inspiration book” as I like to call it sitting in my mailbox. Yeah I know, I’m pretty easy to please. So when I came across this faux clock I had to give it a try.

pottery barn clock 2[6]

See it way in the background? I don’t know how they do it, the coffee table is a mess and yet it still looks “put together”, why can’t I pull that off at my house?!?! I’ve got to be lacking some ability.

Moving on…..

I kind of have this thing for clocks, I have them all over the house……………mind you they don’t really have batteries in them so it really defeats the purpose but you know, tomato, tomAto who’s counting.

To start I hit up the lumber store and had the HB calculate how many pieces of wood I needed that would waste the least and get around a 30+inch square. Hey, he is also pretty good at calculating shopping discounts, so I keep him around. I only needed about 4 pieces of lumber and had the nice guy cut them at 30 inches for me which ended up costing me a whole whopping like $6.

Once home I used wood glue and clamped the pieces together overnight.


I had originally taken pictures of the next step but discovered when I uploaded them they were no-where-to-be-found. I’m thinking maybe next time the camera blinks at me and then shuts off that I should probably pay attention………Lesson learned for next time.

Anyhow, it’s pretty simple even without pictures.

1. Glue pieces together

2. Stain wood

3. Paint wood color of choice

4. Find center and draw circle around outside, whatever size you want.

5. Paint circle and roman numerals whatever color you want

6. Distress!!!

And here is my lovely Pottery Barn inspired clock


I decided I didn’t want all the numerals but instead the major four for less “clutter” and added a statement to the center. I love how it turned out and how it looks like it’s been sitting in a old barn for awhile (ha ha get it, barn, pottery barn I kill myself)


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Wreath

It’s Spring right? I ask because I’m not sure mother nature has made up her mind yet, either that or she has REALLY become fond of teasing me.

Tease me with the sun if you must oh cruel lady but I. will. make Spring themed decor! If nothing else but to trick myself into feeling like its warmer outside……………or maybe that is my hand still burning from the hot glue? Eh.

This is my, please of please say it’s Spring wreath.

IMG_3077sig copy

I purchased a wood wreath form for a dollar and covered a portion of it with moss

**Enter the burnt hot glue hand, Yes I said H-A-N-D not just finger because what is the fun in that! Might I suggest not gripping the moss as I’ve discovered hot glue seeps through moss quite easily.

After the moss glue dried and the tears stopped flowing………I kid…………no really, then I attached the butterflies and a bright yellow ribbon. When I see it, it reminds me of a little fairy garden and I love how whimsical it feels.

Total cost- $4 with supplies left over.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mail Holder DIY

Yes, I’ve been quite MIA but lets not focus on the negative and get on with the goodness.

I have to say if I were a superhero, my nemesis would be paper clutter and more specifically mail!

I can see the outfit now, I’m thinking something in pink with a letter opener on it and lightening, yes lightening would make it very “official”. Maybe some ruffles?

Ok ok, back on track.

I hate when my entry console looks like this

randomrecycling.blogspot mail clutter before2Source: randomrecycling.blogspot

You caught me, that isn’t really MY entry console. I’m all about being “real” but it gave me hives to think about posting my mess for all to see.

Something had to be done to contain the evil genius that is mail clutter………I’m pretty sure my mail carrier is a sidekick of some sort. So I broke out my big boy power tools and built my secret weapon.

I added not only the holders for mail but clips and space for either important reminders or a calendar.

 IMG_3076sig copyIMG_3073sig copy

I’m pretty happy with it, especially considering it’s the first thing I’ve really built completely from scratch and had no directions

Not to mention the total cost to me for this project was about $5, I don’t think you’d be able to get away with that at Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs!

Now to try and actually get the HB to remember to use it.

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