Saturday, December 19, 2009

Please oh Please

I have this, I-will-love-you-forever-and-ever, favor to ask.

I entered my Christmas Tree in the contest over at the Pink Pig and would be just delighted if you would take the time to head on over and vote for me…… Please.

xmas_tree_contestDon’t make me use the look, please, it’s really quite pathetic what with the eyelash batting and all.

You should really check out her shop while you are there. I only just found her, but there are a pair of chairs that are screaming my name. Wish me luck getting them past my husband, but if I win the contest then it’s like getting a discount…… right? It’s like saving money.

It’s always good to work out the details of your story before UPS shows up at the door for delivery!


Pink Rufflez said...

I voted for your beautiful tree! And to answer your man gift question...I buy them all books :) Merry Christmas!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

I really appreciate that, thank you so much. Books are a great tip! I swear I could bonk myself on the head for not thinking of that.