Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheap and Easy Centerpiece

I’m usually not much of a ‘greenery’ person, but this year something in me wanted to include it…… everywhere.

My centerpiece this year started out as a pretty vase filled with ornaments. Simple, but as Christmas grew near it just wasn’t cutting it anymore and had to go.

I’ve mentioned the “gimmie10” thing, it’s a side effect.

I was out shopping for Christmas presents when I came across a GORG centerpiece, all glittery and wonderful. It was love at at first sight, we were meant to be, except for that $60 price tag. I was on a mission…

First stop, Goodwill.

I knew I needed a candle holder for my centerpiece and Goodwill has all sorts…… for cheap. Things started out slow, they were too big, too small, the wrong color………………………………………… Wait a minute…… up there……. behind that metal thingy.     There-it-was! I picked it up and noticed it was even a 50% off tag making it a whole $1.50. SCORE!

IMG_1890sigsIt was the perfect height, shape, and even matched the smaller holders I already had.

Next I headed to Michaels (the North’s Hobby Lobby).

I found some greenery with built-in iron candlesticks, it was too small and not the style I was looking for. Finally I found what I was looking for.  $4.99 seemed like a good price, then I found out it was 50% off. Things were looking good! I grabbed a few picks and flowers to finish things off and headed home.

IMG_1882sigsI was able to put the whole thing together in less than 3 minutes and for a total of $7.

IMG_1883sigsIMG_1876sigsNot only is the price great, but I can switch out the colors every year.