Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Touches

Before we head out for the Holidays I wanted to show you a few of the Holiday touches around the house.

IMG_1821sigs Am I the only one who wishes they lived in a Christmas Village? They always look so cozy and you can just imagine the people who live there.

IMG_1830sigs IMG_1793sigs IMG_1787sigs

All my jars with special goodies in them. The little white church and small metal chair set have been passed down through the years; I think they look cute as little “scenes” in the apothecary jars. Please excuse the tipped over table, I fixed it and then forgot to take another picture I guess.

IMG_1837sigsIsn’t he adorable? I found him this year and now wish I had purchased two.




Lisa said...

Nice magical touches all over!!