Thursday, December 17, 2009

Man Jewelry

What! Christmas is only 8 days away? EIGHT. I’m excited, yes, but now comes the big question……  OMGAWSH am I really done with all my shopping? …… crickets……

NOOOooo, why must men, specifically fathers and/or father-in-laws (or husbands for even that matter) be so hard to buy for? Am I just crazy, or do you have this problem also?

There really needs to be a ‘guy jewelry’ fallback, you know what I mean? I mean guys have it fairly easy in the gift department. Sure women can be a little picky sometimes, but in a pinch you can hit a jewelry counter, pick out anything shiny and be good-to-go, women are just simple like that. HA! I’m not even going to try to guess how many guys just had a fit over that statement.

Now comes your part. Don’t look around the room, I’m lookin at you. I said we were going to be BFFs and friends do stuff for each other…… laundry, cleaning, you know……… No?… Fine, we’ll just start here and work our way to the other stuff.

Your task is to leave me a comment, or a message, and tell me what you are giving the men in your life this year, or just make a suggestion for me.

P.S. I wonder if I’m going to get any weird search hits from the whole “man jewelry” thing. Can you picture it now, a pair of nice STUD earrings? HA HA… get it…. STUD… Man. You know you laughed!