Friday, October 8, 2010

Metallic Pumpkins


Orange just wasn’t doing it for me this year! I wanted metallic pumpkins but the price was making me think “maybe not”

IMG_2804sigAs I started digging out the fall decor I came across the fall items I picked up last year for 90% off. I don’t know about you, but finding things you forgot you purchased last year is a happy place moment.

I first tried a copper colored spray paint and was quite disappointed, the color was so muted and just blah.

Plan B, acrylic paint! It did the trick wonderfully and I adore the result.


20 tiny pumpkins/gourds $2.00

3 small pumpkins $.30 (yep 30 CENTS! Thank you 90% off)

1 medium pumpkin $1.00

Paint- $.89 if I hadn’t had it on hand already 


Carrie said...

Love them! =D (I always shop end of season sales and then I'm always re-surprised and delighted when I open up my decor boxes the next year. That's just fun.)

- Carrie, Offering Hospitality said...

I love this! Spray paint is my best friend! :)
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Have a great day!