Monday, April 19, 2010

Tufted Ottoman

This is my before picture *Warning, it’s scary!*

IMG_1964sigDon’t you just love the bigger than your head flowers?

This was a hand me down (FREE!) and didn’t look like this till the HB flopped down on it one day. RIIIIIIPPPPPPP.

Some people might have decided it was ready for the trash at this point…… you know I considered it till I priced large ottomans! Not only was the price not happening, I couldn’t seem to find another ottoman that was the perfect sofa/foot height so it had to stay.

It hid in shame till the day I found this


By the way, that’s a faux fur coat, no animals were harmed in the making of this post, or coat!

Yep, that’s right……I found almost a whole roll of upholstery fabric at goodwill for $9 in the exact color I had wanted. I may or may not have laughed to myself and said “not anymore” in my head when asked by another goodwill shopper “Oh, they have fabric here?”.

The ottomans time had come, I flipper her over, unscrewed the legs and pulled out a MEEEEEEELLLLLIIIOOOONNN of these


I was finally ready to start the beautification.

IMG_2261sigI knew I wanted to tuft the top and asked the HB if he would drill me a couple holes for tufting. That may have been a mistake, because what I figured would take about 5 minutes ended up being HOURS as he mapped out several different tuft layouts in AUTOCAD. Yes that’s right ladies, in a man’s world you need AUTOCAD to tuft.

autocad ottoman  This is my end result


Beautiful, AND not a bit of sewing!

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Kristin said...

Really enjoyed seeing your tufting came out so good Nikki! That's a beautiful blue, and what a steal at the Goodwill. Gotta love that place.- At the moment I'm stuck here on my couch w/ my poor pooch who is recovering from surgery. He's in so much pain, it's really pathetic. And I'm a pathetic wreck trying to care for him! But at least I have so fun blogs to read, right? Hope you're having a great day!

Kenzie said...

I love the color! It looks amazing!

Molly said...

Thank you for the inspiration pictures. I have two 'before' ottomans who luckily, still have their fabric intact as well as a deep-down ugly. Mine will have to do without the tufting, no cad-weilding people around here. Put your feet up and enjoy your hard work.

Debbie said...

OK, first: I love the way you tell a story. It makes me grin.

Second... LOVE that! I have one in the attic that I am waiting for a good fabric find to tackle. I really want it tufted too. I hope mine looks half as good as yours when it's finally done.

Great job.

Sarah said...

I Love this! Super cute! I would love it if you linked up to my Talk About it Tuesday party because you have such cute ideas!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Very nice! Were the tufts difficult to do. . .I've got a chair here. . .A little afraid to tackle it.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Sharon said...

Wow you did a great job on it and I love the color too!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

You all are so sweet! I'm thinking I may make a post with a few "tufting tips" I learned along the way.

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Oh and don't worry, tufting doesn't take AUTOCAD!

Chris said...

Oh, I love it! And to think you only spend $9.00 and still have all that fabric! Great deal!

Kaysi said...

Wow much better!!

Lisa said...

I really like those pink flowers.