Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy Affordable Apothecary Jars

I adore apothecary jars! You can really put almost anything in an apothecary jar and it looks cute. The downside to my apothecary jar love, $35 a pop really tends to jade the relationship.

Like any true star crossed lovers, we find a way!

I came across these at goodwill for less than $1 each.

IMG_2327sigI loved the shapes and figured I could work with them as is….. I was wrong. The relationship just wasn’t working out, call me shallow but the whole lack of a pretty stand was turning me off.


I purchased some of this

51Vc6V1YeTL._SL500_AA300_Pretty glass candlestick holders (for $1)

and now



I really think this relationship is back on track. Heck, for $2 I think I can afford multiple luhvahs. (I really had to spell it that way, I could just imagine what kind of google searches I’d end up with otherwise!)


Kenzie said...

Love them! The only reason I got my jars was because it was my birthday and since my Mom loves me she bought me the set from Ballards! I love your jars especially for the price!

Sharon said...

What a great idea! you are so creative! I would like to find something like that. The search is on!

Xenia said...

Wow! If I saw those jars at Goodwill I never would have thought they could have turned out as nice as they did! You're so creative! I'm definitely going to have to keep this in mind for a chic but cheap decorating idea. :)

Kristin said...

What a super fabulous idea! I'm filing this one away...is the epoxy hard to use? I've always been slightly afraid of the stuff :-) Come party w/ us over at Windy Poplars at our second Kindred Connection!