Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hope Chest Take 2

Busy Busy I have been.

I’m so glad the weather is turning the corner from Winter to Spring. I have such a love for spring flowers as they start peeking out of the ground, it’s just beautiful.

I’m sure you all remember the hope chest I had turned into a filing cabinet? I loved the idea, not the look so it became another check point on the “to do” list.

Speaking of, does your list ever seem to get shorter? I swear mine only grows, even when I check something off I come up with two things to fill the space. Never ending I swear!

Moving on……

I started the chest re-do by taping off the inside cedar portion of the chest to prevent overspray. I didn’t want to take the chance of having the lovely cedar smell covered by spray paint.

IMG_2143sigDid you notice the lovely Spring weather in the background? No hate please.

Pay no mind to my ghetto spray station, it works and thats all that matters.

I didn’t want to take a chance of having this disaster repeated so I decided to prime the piece first.

IMG_2145I am so glad I primed, there was no sanding and the paint went on so well and took less.

After giving it a few coats I decided to distress it a bit around the edges with my new luv

thumb_thumbIMG_2148sigAs a friendly reminder, don’t let your HB sneak out to your project when he decides it needs another coat of clear and it’s starting to get cold outside.

IMG_2165sigYep, clear coat and chilly weather do not mix! HB has some sanding and refinishing in his near future to do! However since it’s just the lid I can show you the rest of the project.

IMG_2174sig It fits so much better with the rest of my office now (yes, I’m a bit of a black and white fan) though I have to admit, the craziness in my still isn’t sure if I want to keep it black or go ivory.   


Andrea said...

This looks absolutely amazing! YOu have a great talent!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment.