Monday, February 15, 2010

Sale Therapy

Woooo! I could use a foot massage, or really any kind of massage…I’m not picky.

Did anyone else take advantage of the Presidents Day Sale at Goodwill? You know I did.

There were so many people out it was hard to get a cart around at times. It’s to be expected when there is 40% off pink, blue, and green tags while red tags were .99 cents.

Oh how I luv me some Goodwill sale therapy!

Shopping can be so much like hunting, well minus the camo. First you survey the land, eye your prey and then pray the lady standing in front of it has her eye on something else and moves SOON. Ok Ok, maybe that last part doesn’t happen often in hunting.

I had such a good time today and scored some major deals, probably bought a few things I didn’t “need”, but then again isn’t need a relative term?


molly susan strong said...

I love a goodwill binge. Happy hunting.

Its So Very Cheri said...

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