Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Service

2570169kgcwpan7e4We are heading out tonight to a candlelight service. I’ve always liked these for all the wonderful music and really remembering the reason we celebrate. Do you attend a service on Christmas Eve or do you have another special tradition?

650147gq8kso64v5I almost forgot to mention my wonderful snag from yesterday. We ran out yesterday to pick up a last minute gift. Don’t you love when you think you’re done and your husband steps in and goes “did you get (insert random husband friend) something?”…………  uhm no that’s your department honey. Anyways, so we went out amongst the kazillion billion people to find a gift.

I’ve been really into greenery this year and have wanted some garland…… everywhere. We all know by now though that I’m cheap so the $20+ for garland wasn’t happening. We happen to stop by a 2nd hand store where they had all their Christmas goodies marked half off. While poring over the tables of stuff I stepped on something sticking out under the table only to look down and see……… a small child….. HA just kidding it was greenery, lovely wonderful 8ft lengths of greenery! They were marked 4 dollars, only FOUR dollars and half off. Needless to say I snagged up all I could hold and I’m sure looked something like a moving Christmas tree as I headed towards the counter. I ended up with 2-8ft lengths of garland and 2 greenery centerpieces for a total of 5 dollars. say it with me S-C-O-R-E.

Oh and Santa came early this year for someone, maybe I can get some good pictures to show you the goods. You’ll just die.




Lisa said...

You have found yourself some fine blingy graphics! If there is one thing I love more that pink, it is glitter and bling!!!