Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Silhouette SD or Not to Silhouette SD

Really, that is the question!

WAIT, Don’t leave……

No, no this isn’t another one of the “Silhouette sent me a free machine and I’m here to rave about it for them” post you’ve probably seen all over blog land.

I purchased the Silhouette, well Santa did but since we share a bank account same dif.

Any who

Here I sit with the UNOPENED machine next to me and a semi desire to return it (sorry Santa). Yes I admit, I was a sucker for the “look at all the wonderful things I’ve made, it’s so fabulous I have nothing but great things to say of my free machine” touts, though now that it’s here, I realize there are a few things these posts didn’t mention.

You CAN’T cut a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. That’s right, this little baby cuts like 9 inches by 40 or something but not 12!

I know I’m ruining my chance at Silhouette sending me a free machine, which sucks because I do like free, but I wish one of the other posts had mentioned this. What confuses me is, why would Silhouette even make the cutter 9 inches instead of just upping it a few inches to 12 when ‘everyone’ uses 12x12 paper. Heck, it’s even hard to find some of the cool paper in smaller sizes. To use any of my paper I have to waste 3+ inches of it!!

Next, I read you can’t cut chipboard. Some of the other comparable in cost cutting machines will cut such thick material so I wish this one did. The replacement items seem to be more expensive than other cutters as well.

It’s not all bad, I do love the idea of being able to use my own fonts and design my own things but other cutters have caught on to this and there are programs available to do the same.

All in all I had a couple different cutters I was interested in and may be sorry I chose this one.

PLEASE, if you have this cutter or any other post a comment that will either make me box this one up and ship it back once and for all or make me love it.



Anonymous said...

Hey there, love your blog. Make sure you come check mine out sometime :)