Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stairwell Art

“It’s like a puzzle really!” Should have been the title of this post, however for the sake of being able to actually find posts from the past we’ll try to be a bit more straightforward.  IMG_2792sig I’ve never had a stairwell to decorate before and while I originally didn’t really plan to do much (if anything) with it, the trips up and down past these huge blank walls started to make me itch. What people don’t tell you about a stairwell is:

1. The walls are H-U-G-E!!

2. You can’t really get a ladder to stand on stairs (yes yes, I know there are fancy smancy ladders that could possibly do this but I’m really more of just a step ladder kind of girl and it wasn’t working on the stairs)

3. The walls are H-U-G-E!!!!

4. You’re going to need A LOT of frames to cover these walls.

5. How you change the light bulb at the top of the stairwell????????

No really, that last question is me sincerely asking how you accomplish that task without breaking your neck. My current plan is to pray it never goes out, after that I’m out of ideas!!!


Shhh, don’t look too close or you’ll notice that a lot some of the frames have the original ‘store art’ still in them. Ugh and the oak molding and plain walls!!!!!

This was actually quite a bit of fun once I gave up the ‘step ladder stair dancing’ and asked the HB for help. It was like putting together a big puzzle decor style. As you can see I’m in need of a few more frames, refer back to my “list of things people don’t tell you about stairwells” for clarification.


Kenzie said...

It looks great! I love all the frames!

devin said...

that looks AMAZING!!