Monday, September 20, 2010

New Nightstand

I have to warn you now, you are going to have to use your imagination reading this post. Be ready!

Remember this little beauty and my retail guilt?

IMG_2503sigThe shocker, I loved it so much I considered paying retail for another one!! You are all shocked right? (I was) Turns out the only one left had just been put on hold by someone and while I considered devious things to acquire it, it just wasn’t happening.

I spent the next several months hitting these in search of another nightstand (or lets just be honest, anything that caught my eye…… which was A LOT. I love yard sales!!!)

yard-sale-sign1The only thing that wasn’t showing up was a nightstand!

Finally a few weeks ago, there it was. I’m not even honestly sure if it was really for sale or just being used to display things on. However, as I’m hauling it to the car and yelling back “how much is this?” I heard the wonderful music of “uhh 5 dollars”. Yes, please and THANK YOU.

I completely forgot to take a before picture but it looked something like this

3nb3kb3l45Y15P35S6a8udfe07d2bf94f1e09 HA HA HA, I warned you that the imagination would be required for this post.

And here it is with some makeup on.

IMG_2786sig Those curvy legs make my heart smile.

I’m not completely finished with this project, I have a few touches I plan to add to tie it in with the other nightstand. I also plan to add something in that hole there, but what I don’t know. I was thinking a basket, but I’m not sure a basket has the same “glam” as those curvy legs.





Kristin said...

Ohhh....LOVE! Yeah I agree, a basket seems like it's from another genre...can't wait to see what you find for it!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Thanks! I'm so stuck on what to put there.