Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Confessions Day 2 Money

Cha Ch'ing! $$$$$$

Confession: I’ve been a money saver since I was “knee high to a grasshopper”. Most kids buy candy or toys with their money, not me!!, it was all about saving it. I remember shopping between a couple stores for the “best price” on a craft I was making for my mom when I was like 7.

Confession: I have an unnatural fear of being broke and having to live under a bridge. I am far too much of a girly girl to pull of bridge living!

Confession: I scan the prices on a menu before I even look at the item.

Confession: Everyone comes to me if they’re looking to save money on something. I have an uncanny ability to find money saving options on anything from furniture to vacations.

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Katie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

Me too...me too...me too...and me too! I'm totally a saver as well, though I think I need to work on being more gracious when I think others aren't saving enough =( So I guess that's my confession of the day!

Kristin said...

Ha! Sounds like you're a great person to know! Hope some of it rubs off on me. :-) I never thought of it before, but I scan prices on a menu before I read descriptions too, so I don't fall in love with something that's $25! How funny! Hope you're having a wonderful day, and thanks for joining us to confess! Talk to you again soon :-)

Soné said...

Your blog name captured me and though wow when visiting! I also wanted to know how you make your own blog button with the code in it? I have been trying to find one for so long but have no idea>

Soné said...

Yip, I can design my own button but how do you get the code underneath for people to take what gadget is that? thanks for visiting