Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh My Bloomin Petunias

I have become obsessed!

Obsessed with these 01 Picture link

I’ll pause here so you can stare at it for a moment.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think it’s flirting with me…… Not in front of my readers! hanging_baskets Picture link

Anyways, moving on

This new obsession comes with a few downfalls, first I may or may not have a black thumb and it’s highly likely that I have often forgot to water any said plant that has come home with me. Second, honestly my goodness have you priced these things? If you haven’t I’ll save you the heart attack and just let you guess. Yes, you’re on the right track, now add $40. There was no way I was going to pay that for something that was most likely going to suffer from dehydration.

Sooo, are any of you as in love with these as much as I am? Well, you are about to love me just as much. I happen to be out today hoping to grace this paper colored skin of mine with a kiss of sun when what should I stumble upon, YES some beauties. I smiled, they winked back but in my heart I just knew it was another evil flirtation that would leave me broken hearted…… AND THEN, there it was a ray of sunshine reflecting off the CLEARANCE sticker for $4.50. I grabbed one, (yes just one, they’re heavy) and rushed to the cash register, I knew there had to be some mistake. I quickly asked the nice lady “Are these marked down because they’re going to die soon?” to which she responded “Nope, we just have too many. In fact there are a lot of plants in there and it should get quite big and last the whole season very well”. AWESOME! So if you happen to find yourself obsessed as well, head over to home depot and indulge yourself.


Kenzie said...

Yay for you! They are gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness those are sooooo beautiful and you are right I can't believe the price!!!
I noticed that our home depot has way to many plant for this time of yr. So I will check them out tomorrow. Thank you for the hot tip!
Bless you and I hope you are feel way better now. Sharon

The Homesteading Apartment said... just tickle me! I LOVE the way you describe your flower encounter, "Isn’t it beautiful? I think it’s flirting with me…… Not in front of my readers!" Those are absolutely LOVELY!! I could see them right outside my front door, winking at everyone who enters (: Thanks for the smiles (:

Thank you for stopping by my was so good to see you (: I just became a new follower of yours and look forward to coming back for future posts!


Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Awww thanks, that really makes me want to blog! I'm so thankful for all of you and the sweet comments!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Wow! What a steal! Good luck with your nurturing :-) I have faith that you can keep it alive! Good to see you back and posting. Hope that means you're feeling better!?

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

I am totally drooling over those flowers! They are beyond beautiful! Lowe's usually has really good deals on Thursdays around here and I buy everything at a reduced cost because if I kill it then I don't feel so bad :)