Monday, April 5, 2010

Dining Re-do

It’s no secret, I have decorating OCD… or maybe ADD, either way I change my mind A. LOT.

I was once in deep love with Tuscan style decor. I had this beautiful vision of dark woods, golds, faux finishes and warm Tuscan sunset colors. I enlisted the help of my MIL (who happens to be a painter) to help me faux finish my dining room wall. This is how it ended up.


I was so appreciative of her help and though the end result was nice, it didn’t match my vision………at all. (Please oh please don’t let her read that and take it the wrong way!!!) It’s hard to describe a vision to another person and it come out right.

Fast forward a couple months and the decorating ADD was kicking in, I needed to change.


This change made the whole space brighter and I got to incorporate molding!


Now, just to find a chandelier I like!

Sorry about the HORRIBLE pictures, it’s overcast and gloomy today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get better pictures tomorrow.


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Jessi said...

Love the new paint colors you chose! Definitely brightened it up. Nice job!

Kenzie said...

I really like it, it seems so much bigger and bright!

Anonymous said...

Love the change. Much more up-to-date. I change my mind a lot too. :-)