Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Dress Shop

I’ve been tweaking my bathroom decor lately, and even considering a whole bathroom redo to be honest (Yes I have ADD-decorating) and thought I’d show you a little item I made before blogging.

I started out with this (thankfully I was able to find a before picture online, not the best quality but it gives you the idea).

48d9a51284684_12906b 45999ad1b7499_12906b

I found it as a gift set on sale after Christmas for $2 and thought the little cabinet was cute and could surely be used for something.

I have an off center single vanity which leaves a big blank space on one side, and since my bathroom is done in a glam fashion sorta theme I thought it would make an adorable dress shop.

I started out by painting the whole outside black and the inside white with checker floor.

IMG_1983sigI needed something for the inside and happen to find “Barbie” dolls at the dollar store that came with another outfit on a mannequin body… It was PERFECT! The doll outfits weren’t really the style I was looking for, so with some extra material wrapped and glued we had a nice window outfit.

IMG_1985sig IMG_1989sig  

Add a shelf and some accessories

IMG_1987sigThen I had to gold leaf the handles, I mean they are just so small and cute!

IMG_1990sig  Done.

Now that I’m thinking of redoing the bathroom this won’t fit in though and it’s kind of hard to get rid of things you made. Do you have that problem?


Lisa said...

I am loving this chic little boutique! I have to admit I read it twice--the first time I thought you had made the mannequin from the Barbie--beheaded her and all....hmmmmmm, now that I think of it.....Anyway, cute lil' boutique!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

Oh believe you me, it crossed my mind lol. Thankfully the “Barbie” came with the second outfit on one so I didn’t actually have to commit the act. I did sadly have to cut her legs off though because I wanted one of the shoes to look like a black knee high boot. I guess sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty in decorating! 

Anonymous said...

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