Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’ll have a Pink Christmas

I have an addiction to the color pink, my Christmas tree was even pink and black one year. Thankfully I married a man who, while he may not be thrilled about it, doesn’t complain too much. My bathroom is a prime example of said addiction.

This ornament hangs on the door to my bathroom and I just love it. I love the shape of it and the fact it looks like blown glass without the don’t touch it, it will break factor.

IMG_1850sigs IMG_1851sigs

You can find touches of pink inside…… everywhere. The wreath was a simple 1 minute DIY project that I think fits perfect with the style of the room. I simply took a feather boa and wrapped it around a wreath ring.

IMG_1799sigs  IMG_1800sigs

IMG_1801sigs IMG_1865sigs

IMG_1802sigs IMG_1863sigs

Yes, I do have a pink Barbie tree

IMG_1857sigs  IMG_1858sigs

IMG_1859sigs  IMG_1856sigs

What? You don’t decorate your tree with high heels and sunglasses?

Hope you enjoyed the pink tour!


Lisa said...

So, I love pink and I'm great at being cheap, frugal. Can I be your BFF? Looks like you have the beginnings of a great blog here!