Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi There

Hi, it’s me! Not that any of you really know who me is YET, but that is all going to change when we become BFFs (Blogging Friends Forever!)

Do you absolutely love the blog name? Please tell me you get the reference……. You do?……. Yes? (just shake your head and smile and everything will be just fine)

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally be here. For the past few months I’ve been the stalker curious observer in the back of the room really wanting to play with the other kiddos, but being held back by that nasty “do you really have anything blog worthy to say” voice. Don’t give me that look, I know you know what I’m talking about. Then when I finally decided I’d make a blog I was suddenly hit, Like-A-Truck, with the (get ready this is long) “there are a Kazillion blogs out there what will I ever pick for a name and if I do pick one will it even be available out of a KAZILLION blogs” voice.

Woo I think I turned blue there for a second. Did you make it? Are you still with me?

Anyways, in steps the genius that I married.

During our drive home from Christmas light viewing our topic turns to blogs. He turns and goes “Why don’t you call it Cheap Like a Birdie because you’re CHEEP CHEEP”. Mind you he did say it in an ever so slightly mocking tone in the pitch of a bird tweet, (and probably because I had just scored some AMAZING Fall decor at 90% off! but we’ll talk more about that later) but I swear if we hadn’t have been driving I would have knocked him over with excitement.

The name is AB –SOooo- LUTE –LY perfect for me. I mean if I had a dime for every time my mom, or frankly anyone who knows me well, had asked if I were a bird because I was “cheap cheap” I’d be rich enough i wouldn’t have to be cheap. I kidddd, even if I won the lottery tomorrow I’d still be cheap, its just who I am. I like saving money anywhere I can and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Not only am I cheap, but I suffer from gimmie10, as in give me 10 minutes and I’ll probably have changed my mind or decorating style. (there is no cure yet, but with your pledge of $1 a month, and becoming a loyal blog follower, we might be able to solve this growing problem. Won’t you help?)

I enjoy a variety of things from travel and photography, to decorating and crafts with a side of beauty and skincare tossed in every now and then.

As for this blog you can probably expect a variety of those topics with one constant theme, they better be easy and Cheap Like A Birdie.



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